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Demonstrations & specialist trials


OAT’s regional structure allow us to arrange demonstration sites of any size throughout the UK. Established local contacts help to provide suitable sites to carry out these trials.

OAT currently manage large scale sites for manufacturers and distributors.

Smaller scale sites enable our client to highlight the strengths of new and existing products.

We deliver variety screening in a wide range of crops and weed screenings which provide an instant visual effect.

We offer inoculated potato blight trials using irrigation to control disease development and highlight treatment differences.

aerial orchard photo
close up photograph of pollen beetle on oilseed rape buds

Stratton Audley HQ


Specialised projects can be conducted at our trials facility in Oxfordshire where a combination of experience and equipment produces excellent visual impact.


Our equipment and facilities also allow us to carry out more specialised work for our clients that include:



  • Rotational crop studies examining the residual effect of products to following crops

  • Grain storage trials

  • Golf course/amenity turf trials

  • Potato storage trials

  • Maize variety and nutrition trials

  • Germination testing

  • Seed treatment

  • Crop nutrition trials

  • Contract spraying, drilling, assessing and harvesting

  • Roller table applications

  • Grain analysis in our dedicated laboratory equipment

  • Seed and tissue testing using our excellent links with a range of laboratories


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