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Drone technology

At OAT we are constantly looking to develop our capabilities and embrace technology to provide our clients with the most advanced and effective solutions.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or  drones are a blossoming example of such things. They are increasingly being adopted in the industry, deployed as smart farming solutions. They are also making waves in crop research too.


Anticipating further industry developments  which is likely to see the adoption of more sophisticated forms of digital technology in crop research,  OAT has invested  heavily into this area and now possesses:

  •  drones with multispectral and RGB functions

  •  high-resolution 360 cameras

  • Surveying equipment in the form of RTK spear receivers

  • Chlorophyll measuring devices

More detailed specifications of our equipment are available upon request. 


All of which means we're able to provide high-resolution imagery to support  data packages or visual demonstrations today, and ready to respond to further industry developments in the near and longer term future. 

Drone Camera

Regional positioning


Our regional teams are trained, qualified and equipped with drones across the country.

drone photo.jpg
drone flyig over crop


Dive into our BETA version of OATs 360 field trials tour with our demonstration trial and enjoy a virtual field trial visit.

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