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Pea aphids on Fenugreek herb
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Efficacy trials

Knowledgeable staff who have access to a wide range of local grower and consultant contacts helps us carry out successful efficacy and crop selectivity trials. OAT can locate suitable trial sites in virtually any crop, whether it’s herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, biostimulant, fertiliser or growth regulator trials that are required.

Our regionalisation of sites maximises the chances of success. In-depth experience at local level gives us a truly invaluable asset.

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crop plant research

Official recognition


OAT has had full ORETO certification since 1998 and uses EPPO guidelines to ensure project continuity and acceptance of results.  We are proud that our reports are readily accepted by CRD as part of data submissions.

OAT has a complete range of specialised equipment and the capability to take our larger equipment (tractors, harvesters, plot drills, etc.) to all to the main arable and horticultural areas on demand.


We offer client specific project management which can include:

  • Creation of dedicated protocols compiled according to EPPO guidelines

  • Regular data updates during the season

  • Data collation using Agricultural Research Manager (ARM)

  • Reporting to match client needs


OAT can also arrange registration assistance.

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